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Why I Recommend Dancing in Your Underwear


Have you ever danced in your room in your underwear? Have you turned the music up so loud up and just sang and danced like no one was watching? Like no one was judging for you for how loud the music was, how your body looked, your dance moves or your singing? Think about it.

If you haven’t done this yet first off I highly recommend it. Turn that music up and work on those dance moves. It always helps me with my moods, my number one song is Just Dance by Lady Gaga. Always made me realize that everything will be okay if you just dance.

This title of the post could also be taken as a metaphor, as I do recommend dancing in your underwear if you haven’t yet, but I also recommend living life this way. Think about what I asked above, your dancing and just being you, no one is judging you by anything your doing and guess what you are showing who you are. So why not live life that way? I think so many of us are scared of judgement. I for one can admit to that. You don’t want to be out on the dance floor by yourself showing off your dance moves that you created because people may judge you. Never would you want someone to see you doing something out of the ordinary or by yourself. But why, why is that so wrong? The answer to that is, it isn’t wrong but society and judgement has told us differently. 

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will be criticized anyway.”

The quote I’ve heard before “you will be criticized anyways,” so why not dance in your underwear. Why not show the world who you are, flaws and all. I think about how many times I’ve just danced around singing in my underwear at my house, just smiling and being happy with what I have and most importantly who I am. It is a great feeling once you realize who you are and those around you will love for every piece of you. I think about all the times I have been with my friends joking and being ourselves and then when certain people come around, some of us clam up, we change who we are because we are scared of judgement. So lets all work together to change this because being yourself is one of the best gifts you can give the world.

So here are the reason why recommend dancing in your underwear:

  1. Pants are overrated no one actually likes wearing them (I know most girls would agree)

  2. You can listen to music that puts you in a good mood

  3. You feel free

  4. No judgement, no worries in life

  5. You are happy, smiling and have positive thoughts on life

  6. It reminds yourself that you love your body, flaws and all

  7. Its a quick exercise

  8. It relieves stress

So GO and DANCE in your UNDERWEAR. Take a leap of something new and just be yourself, for you will be criticized anyways. Use all the energy you feel when dancing in your underwear  and use it in everything you do everyday.