Fatherhood – The Journey

My oldest daughter Marianna hit that age of seven where instantly they turn into a teenager overnight. I was failing in my ways of communicating with her or understanding the person she was becoming. My wife learned about these Self-Love Daddy Daughter Workshops. She thought it would be helpful for us.

Mari and I love sports, but I believe that our common interest is in competition. We give everything that we have to accomplish a goal. Sometimes our egos can get in the way. At this Workshop we built a Toolbox together. She asked me questions about growing up. I was excited to share these memories with her. I also asked her questions which helped me understand her better than before.

I appreciate what Self Love Beauty represents. First, confidence in yourself. Be your best cheerleader, and share that positive energy. Second, give confidence to others. Don’t be afraid to compliment on their look or outfit. You never know what could make their day. Third, don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Both my daughters are not afraid to tell me, or their Mother how they are feeling. The courage to say what is going on with you is an important skill.

I am very thankful and blessed that I’ve had the opportunity along with my family to be a member of the Self Love Beauty Community. They truly care about helping everyone be the best version of themselves and to continue to help others. We all know that we could use some positivity in this world.