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How Ready Are You To Make A Change?


Yesterday I took the day to spend time with my family. It was awesome, we went on a hike and that ended with seeing waterfall. The children were excited to go on an adventure.

The Adventure

I was told about an unmarked trail on the mountain. The gentleman that told me about this said he wasn’t sure my children could do it because of the climbing. They clearly don’t know my children, they are determined and can do anything they put their mind to. Bonus There was a waterfall at the end so I knew they were going to push through. We had to climb boulders and walk through heavy brush. There were small cascades of water as we were climbing, this is what we followed as we didn’t know where it was. My husband and I were lifting and pulling our youngest over rocks and so on to get through it all.

We got to a certain point and I was thinking that maybe there wasn’t a waterfall after all. We were going to turn back and our five year old says “Lets keep going”. My husband and I looked at each other and said “OK it can’t hurt to go further”. Well after a bit more climbing we finally saw it, the waterfall they had been waiting for. They were so excited and proud. We were proud of them. They didn’t whine or fight as they normally do. They wanted to just keep going because they knew there was going to be something amazing.

I feel that there are some lessons to be learned from this event:

First to show that we are born with confidence and determination. At some point in our lives, we let the small things change our perspective on life and both of those traits we have become smaller and smaller. We get to where we think we can’t do anything and settle. Our five year old was determined to find the waterfall and most times told us that she didn’t need to hold our hand, she was fine and could do it. She was so confident.

In life we may have to climb some boulders and heavy brush, we may even get hurt on the way, but in the end there is something amazing. However if you don’t keep going, or even try how will you get there?

Second, I believe that we feel the need to have life planned out. We don’t try anything new or change things up. Stick to what we know and don’t go off course because this is what we are supposed to do. We started on a path that was unmarked just off the road, there was no trail or directions. There wasn’t even anyone else around. However we just kept going and following the water. We had to take a few different routes to get there because of things we couldn’t climb up, but in the end we made it. Isn’t this the same with life, we may have to take a few different ways throughout it. It may be a scary change and you are unsure. But if you don’t do it, you will never see the amazing end life has in store for you.

We tend to congregate our feelings of normality. It is once we learn to step out of that and do something that is uncomfortable that we will feel full!

I challenge you to make a change or do something uncomfortable! Step out of the normal! Go off the trail! Climb those rocks! And get to the waterfall!

My name is Heather Ramirez, I live in Southern Arizona and I am a mother of 3 awesome children.   I work full time at a job that I am happy with, as it gives me the flexibility to spend most of my time with my family.  I have been through life with its ups and downs, and at times never thought I would make it out.  However over the years I have found that I am just now living.  I have a purpose here and that is to help others, to show them that there is more to life that what they may be living.  To help them find their self love, trust and inner peace and truly be awake!