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How Your Values Shape Your Life


Do you know what core values are or how to discover yours? Join us as we sit down with Marisa Horak Belotti, CEO of FPHorak, discuss the importance of having core values to guide your decisions and align your goals with your true self. Tune in for a conversation that will help you define your own values and use them to transform your life and unlock your full potential!

Let’s dive into the key highlights from our conversation with Marisa!

Core Values In Family

Lisa: So, I have a quote that I wanted to share based on what you said: “Values are like a lighthouse; they are signals giving us direction, meaning, and purpose.” This ties perfectly with the idea of a compass because they help you make decisions. Let’s start with the family first, but I do want to get into the business aspect too. Starting with the family, why do you think core values are important?

Marisa: I remember struggling with my kids during their adolescence. Emotions were high, and I read an article that said you should run your family like a business. This was truly inspiring. You should have a mission, a vision, and be clear on your core values as a family. We sat on our bed in our old house and asked, “What’s important to us?” The kids threw out words, and we needed a guide to focus on.

Marisa: We took our last name, Baladi, and each letter started our core values. Every day on the way to school, we recite them. When the kids veer off course, I remind them of our core values. For instance, “Leadership happens everywhere” is one of our values, and we use it to guide their actions.

Marisa: One key mission for our family is “Where we go, we go together.” It’s our family chat group name and is plastered all over our house. My son and daughter came up with it. It’s a constant reminder of our unity. During tough times, like my daughters struggling in middle school, we referred back to this mission. We even made a poster with our core values, which is displayed around our home.

These values help guide our family’s actions and decisions. For example, in tough situations, we ask if we’re aligning with our core values. This approach not only strengthens our family unit but also prepares our kids to be leaders and positive contributors to society.

Lisa: How do you maintain these values in your family life?

Marisa: We do highs and lows at our dinner table, asking about the best and worst parts of each day. This helps us connect and reflect on how we can apply our core values in different situations. It’s not just about having the values but constantly reinforcing them through daily interactions and discussions.

Core Values in Business

Lisa: Let’s shift to the business aspect. How do core values help in making business decisions?

Marisa: In business, core values guide decision-making and help align employees with the company’s mission. At FB Horak, our core values evolved as we faced challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to pivot from being a large printing firm to focusing on digital solutions and corporate gifting. Our core value of “adapt in an ever-changing business environment” was crucial during this transformation.

Lisa: Can you give an example of how these values are applied in business?

Marisa: Sure. When we decided to sell our building and equipment and shift our focus, it was guided by our core values. Our leadership team inspired everyone to adapt and embrace the change. This alignment with our core values helped us navigate the transition successfully.

Lisa: It seems like core values are not just words but actions that guide both family and business life. Thank you for sharing your insights, Marisa.

The Impact of Positive Reinforcement

Lisa: Yes, because that happens every single day. When you put that forward, the kids start thinking that way—it becomes their inner voice.

Marisa: Yes, you don’t realize that your outer voice becomes their inner voice. I have a group chat with my kids where I send them positive videos all the time. They never comment, but the other day they told me they watch them and found one particularly good.

Lisa: It creates trust. Trust in the home and business, and trust in yourself. It’s powerful when you own your values.

Marisa: Exactly. Creating values means owning your decisions based on those values. It’s important for both families and businesses.

Building Ownership and Trust

Lisa: Ownership is crucial. When you create values, you take ownership of your decisions. This is true for individuals, families, and businesses.

Lisa: For those just starting, I recommend beginning with a few core values. Start with three, refine them, and use them as a foundation. Over time, you can expand or adjust them.

Marisa: Agreed. Take those core values and give yourself scenarios to apply them. For example, one of our values is “we win or we learn.” Losing teaches us, and failing is instrumental in growth. Applying failure to core values turns it into a teachable moment.

Lisa: Yes, it’s essential to provide examples of how to use your values in real life. This helps solidify their importance.

Practical Application and Personal Growth

Marisa: I watched a podcast where someone asked their child daily what they failed at. Failing has transformed our family and work. Applying failure as a core value is vital for personal growth.

Lisa: Exactly. Leadership and other values need examples to understand their application fully. Thank you so much for being on this podcast, Marisa.

Marisa: This was awesome. I love discussing core values, especially from a family perspective. It’s a game-changer.

Lisa: For anyone listening, I hope you can implement these insights into your life. DM us on Instagram or email us with your thoughts.

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