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Jennifer Lawrence: If I Don’t Use My Voice To Speak Up For Women, What’s The Point?

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Jennifer Lawrence is a badass. Point be. She is a wonderful example of what women should be doing everywhere. Not just in Hollywood.


Jennifer Lawrence is speaking up for women a lot these days — and it’s pretty damn awesome.

This past week, Lawrence sat down with CBS News’ Charlie Rose to discuss her recent essay on the pay gap and why she’s only recently begun to speak out about the issue.

Lawrence said as soon as the Sony Hack happened, which revealed Lawrence was being paid much less than her male co-stars, she said she realized there was “no one to blame but myself.” (Definitely not your fault, JLaw.)

“I knew that it wasn’t Sony’s fault, it was what I had done with my own mentality,” she said. “I feel awkward negotiating, I feel uncomfortable asking for more money. I don’t want to seem like a brat.”

At 25 years old, Lawrence said she’s learning a lot, adding that sometimes it can be scary to grow up in front of an audience. “As I get older and I learn more and I have opinions I go: ‘I have just as much of a right to speak and with something like that, with something that’s so clearly unfair, if I don’t use my voice for women who don’t have a voice then what’s the point?”

According to The Daily Beast, in another portion of the interview Lawrence told Rose she hopes she can become even more comfortable in her opinions. “I want to be that person who will say that thing that’s really hard to say, that’s really awkward and really difficult,” she said. “One day I want to be able to just say it, and not make a joke, and not try to make it cute, but to just say it.”

Hell. Yes. Jennifer. Click here to watch her interview.

Article Credit: Huffington Post