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One Woman Reminds Us That Kindness is not a Weakness

kindness self love beauty
I love learning about new people and what wonderful things they are doing to make the world better. I recently had the opportunity to interview Ashley, not only is she a peach and her website is amazing but she is a Michigan native.  Ashley’s powerful site showcases how kindness is so important, what people across the globe are doing and how it is a sign of strength. Check out my interview with this women striving to show how kindness is not weakness but it is all about strength!

Ashley, I couldn’t be more happy that I stumbled across your site, I instantly started reading your articles and watching videos, what made you decide to create this site?

Too often people confuse ‘kindness’ with ‘weakness’ – and that sucks! Kindness requires strength, so I wanted to start a media brand and movement that showcased all that goes into kindness. It isn’t boring, it isn’t difficult, and it certainly isn’t a sign of weakness.

“Kinda Kind” is pretty catchy, I really like it, how did you come up with this name?

I was telling someone how I wanted to start a site that was about kindness – but not one that’s cheesy and super goody-goody. I wanted it to be kind, but only like kinda kind … then, boom … magic happened! Or rather, I doubted was still available, but decided to check anyways and purchased it.

Since starting Kinda Kind, what was your favorite article to write?

One’s that are kind of edgy and funny. Maybe even one where I swear. Such as 15 Ways to Not Be an Asshole When Flying. Some people ask why I would ever swear in content that’s about kindness … and my response is ‘exactly!’
It should be funny, and light-hearted. Life is rough enough! To be honest, I don’t really swear that much in real life… but there’s something so much catchier and real about ‘don’t be an asshole’ than ‘please be nice.’

I see at the bottom of your site the line “Kindness is badass”, that is so true and Self Love Beauty believes that being a women in general is badass, what is one thing about being a woman is badass to you?

Options! We have the option to define what femininity, beauty, and what being a woman in the modern day is. Too often people – sometimes men – confuse feminism with the objective of female superiority, and too often people – often times women – think it means having to give up the ‘olden days’ lifestyle. Nope, it means you have an option to choose what’s best for you. And that’s super badass.

Reading over your about me, you have had some fantastic jobs, what is the most encouraging thing someone has said to you for you to not give up on your dreams?

That we are designed to live a life that is about more than just paying bills until we die.
There is honor in any job and I realize we all need to do what we need to do to get by, but it sucks that so many people fail to realize that there is a way to put their passion to a purpose. Do what you love for a greater good.

If you could tell your 20 year old self one piece of advice what would it be?

Be confident!! You’re doing so much better than you think you are!!

I had an absolutely blast chatting with you on the phone and loved learning more about your story, you are an extremely strong woman with many goals, what are three qualities that make a strong woman to you?

Empathy, Gratitude, and Kindness that’s packed with the ability to call and stand up to bullshit.

Join the movement using the hashtag#kindakind and follow Ashley’s site