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Teen Girls Share the Importance of Self-Love shared this stat “7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members.” and Self Love Beauty is determined through their Beautiful Me campaign to change that. 

As part of this change, Self Love Beauty recently held their Beautiful Me campaign with students from high schools in Bay City, Michigan .These girls showed us just how impactful they will be and our future women are bright, energized and have amazing dreams. They are the people that will help us change this stat! 

Hear from them on their journey to find confidence and how they define self-love: 

“I first started becoming more confident when I got into 8th grade. I started seeing that I was beautiful and had big dreams and goals. I began to realize that I didn’t need to look like everyone else to feel beautiful.  I needed to know that everyone is beautiful in their own way and I have to embrace the way I look. I felt empowered when people began to look up to me in softball and they would want my help showing that I can make a difference. Self-love to me means to be confident in who you are. It is not letting the media or others depict what you should look like or what their definition of perfect is because the only one who decides that is you.”  – Sasha Aide, 16-years-old attending Garber High School

“I am not the stereotypical beauty image you see in the media; however I have a very supportive group of people in my life that have taught me to love myself! Between my friends and family I’ve received so much love and support that I’ve learned to embrace my body and style. Being an athlete I have a very built body, however my teammates and coaches all promote a healthy, strong body as being beautiful. To me, self-love is embracing all of your flaws as an individual and remembering you’re human and that that’s a beautiful thing. I know I’m not perfect but I’m happy with myself and feel comfortable in my own body.” – Hannah Shorkey, 17-years-old attending Garber High School

“I became confident when I decided to just worry about myself and not what others think. Self-love is being able to accept your flaws.” -Carleigh Plarske, 17-years-old attending Garber High School

“I was raised by a very strong mom and some very influential women that have taught me to love myself no matter the circumstances. They have also told me how important it is to love yourself to be able to be truly happy in life. Self-love to me means loving yourself for every aspect of yourself, loving your image, the decisions you make and the person you are by also taking care of yourself and well-being.”  – Keelie Owczarzak, 17- years-old attending Garber High School

“I am very hard working and I really love doing it. To be completely honest, doing hard work makes me feel empowered and successful and that’s truly what I am and want to be in the future. Self-love to me means that in order to be successful and beautiful, you have to please yourself first before you please others.” – Sydney Neltzel, 16-years-old attending John Glenn High School

“I became a confident woman because I have a chronic illness and overcame the symptoms. I believe self-love is loving every part of yourself and be confident in who you are.” – Alarie Hubert, 17-years-old attending John Glenn High School.

“I’m always willing to try new things and get involved. Self-love means loving yourself for who you are no matter what people think you. Don’t let people stop you from being you. Love yourself for who you are.” – Nicole Wolfe, 17-years-old attending All Saints Central High School


Self Love Beauty partnered with Tosha Cole Photography and First Matter Media for this event! 

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