Self-Love, Women Empowerment

The Unfinished Business Of Self-love

I truly believe that most women have unfinished business when it comes to loving themselves. Especially, in this day and age where we can just as easily filter out our imperfections with a simple tap or swipe of our finger. I also strongly believe that if you aren’t following the pack that you very quickly labeled a hypocrite or poser by those who would rather play Simon says rather following their own paths.

Why have women and young girls forgotten to love themselves?

Why is it as a society that we automatically think of five things we don’t like about ourselves, instead of five things that we do like about ourselves? Why are we so quick to put ourselves down, instead of lifting each other up? If we equally spend the amount of time hating or disliking something, why can’t we spend that much time on the positive side? Shouldn’t we love ourselves for whom we are rather then what we are our goal in our mind’s ever every day? When did we start to not ignoring our own self-worth be acceptable to society?

Here it is 2018, and there are young adults, woman taking videoes of themselves at risk of being hurt by doing what is considered a “prank,” like it’s completely normal and acceptable. And the scary part is that it is. How is it we live in a world where behavior like that is seen as okay? Where are the examples we want our children to lead? The real ones where no one is entitled to have this or that simply because we want it. What happens to work hard, and empowering yourselves and others around you?

They say self-love is an inside job, if that were true why are we so concerned about what we look like rather how a woman carries herself? Personally, I feel these young girls have so few role models to look for; for answers that it is no wonder why they don’t know how to love themselves. We are raising young women who I believe are at risk of defining self-love by the type of lipgloss they wear rather than how they see themselves on the inside. The things that make them who they are.

Whether they like to help those less fortunate by volunteering at a soup kitchen, or whether they like to paint, or care for neighbors pets. Their contribution to this world should be less about the superficial, and more about value. The unfinished business of self-love has to be at the forefront of society’s mind instead of the latest trend involving a Kardashian. How sad is it that positivity in the media is a rare sight.

When did it become second nature to ignore the core of any problem and just focus on the surface? If we want to see a drastic change in this world shouldn’t we lead by example? Girls and young women will never know the power they possess if they don’t have anyone lead the way for them? And the very first thing any little girl should know is that her beauty is unique and that her self-worth is a precious, but also a powerful trait  that could help her rise up in a world that will constantly be trying to put her in the corner because she is in the running for CEO against her male counterpart. Girls and women of all ages, races, backgrounds, whatever their circumstances need to know that they can climb over whatever wall they’re facing to face a future that is bright and wide open.

Because all little girls deserve to turn their dreams into a reality. No more, “but you’re a girl” as an excuse.

As Beyonce said, ”Girls run the world.”