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Turning the lemons of life into something less sour

Abby Shares Her Story in the #SheBelievedSheCould series…

Growing up I had many ‘goals’ for myself, things I wanted to be and how I pictured my life when I ‘grew up’.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I also wanted to be some sort of community leader and a possible legislator.  

I was born on Veteran’s Day therefore was very patriotic. I knew that I would someday join the military, or serve my country in some way.

Break Downs in Life 

Throughout all these goals and thoughts for my life…it came with many breaking down situations. I truly battled low self-confidence for a long time. Throughout my life I had to survive many obstacles such as an eating disorder, sexual assault and the resulting depression from both.

If I am being honest, I didn’t think I was worthy of the ‘dreams’ I had. for myself. My thought was, who am I to be a ‘leader’ when I am a broken person.

The Belief in Myself

“She Believed She Could So She Did”

Fast forward through life’s trials and tribulation, I finally found myself and my confidence. This took years of work and mainly after I became a Veteran but more when I became a mom. 

I found myself meeting people, community leaders, politicians, business owners and directors of non-profits- all who weren’t ‘perfect’ people either.

I came to realize that a leader is someone who can take their life experiences and turn it into something good. I realized that I could take my story, and share it.

I could ‘lead’ by example, showing how to turn the lemons of life into something less sour.

I believed that I could be a leader so I went for it, I’m still going for it. Although I haven’t achieved all of my life goals, I am still my own biggest fan, and I live my life in confidence because I truly love myself.

As a mom to little girls, my goal is to help them see that they can be everything that they want. I hope to help them also achieve self-love and confidence within themselves.

In the end, I believed I could so I did!

Contributor writer Abby Scherzer fills her days as an event planner and fundraiser, she enjoys spending time with her two beautiful daughters and takes pride as the curator of their art. Abby is a veteran of the United States Army, a survivor, a warrior, a tattoo collector, a food lover, and the wife to a very patient man.