Turning Two: Same mission but bigger impact

Today Self Love Beauty (SLB) turns two as a 501(c)(3) status nonprofit organization. Yes, if you have been following for us for years, we will be eight in September as an entity but there is something powerful and magically about turning two as a nonprofit this year.

You see change is evident especially during this time but like most people like myself, I never expected change to be this frequent. I shared a blog when we turned one in 2019 about ‘365 Days of Growth” and that could not be anymore true. However, 2020 was even more special because we leveled up in more ways than we ever expected to.

SLB’s mission continues ‘to educate, invest and impact individuals on the importance of self-love and confidence in order to empower them to be the best version of themselves’ and we continue to do this through evidence-based, age-specific educational programs, events and workshops to help individuals reach their full potential.

SLB offers a supportive community that helps individuals thrive, develop a growth-mindset, learn habits to improve their overall wellbeing, listen effectively and understand how to communicate with others. Their inclusive, tiered model bridges the gap in confidence for all generations and teaches crucial skills so each individual can confidently take personal ownership of their own growth. The ripple effect of change will create a positive impact on their family, friends and community at large.

A mother or adult role model may begin by participating in Self Love Beauty adult programs, resulting in increased confidence and skills that they bring home to their families or spread to other adults around them. When an adult takes part in SLB programs, their confidence and new broaden skill set creates a positive ripple effect throughout their lives and communities. Through attending SLB’s programs, adult role models and parents of impressionable youth can acquire the skills to have stronger family communication, become career ready or advance in careers, and make more meaningful impacts in their communities. That same individual may also get their child involved in SLB’s Youth, Teen or Family Programs. This should result in that child learning similar personal and social skills, creating a foundation that allows them to build knowledge on how to be their best selves as they embark on careers and other future endeavors. These ongoing interactions will benefit the community by the addition of more confident, career ready individuals. 

Self Love Beauty’s key programs include:

  • Generational Workshops: Tailored specifically to the demographic that SLB is teaching. Their 3 programs include:
    • Taking care of your body and mind
    • Boosting self-esteem and confidence
    • Discovering passion, purpose, and goals
  • Conferences: Specific to the demographic of females. 
    • Teen Conference for girls ages 12-18
    • Women’s Event for women ages 19 and above
    • Each conference focuses on helping women in a support atmosphere to learn critical skills to flourish immeasurable ways. 
  • Family Programs: Taught specific to either the father/daughter, mother/son or mother/daughter. Each program includes confidence, connection, support and hands-ons experience. 

All programs serve to support the critical needs in each generation in the communities that SLB serves. Each program teaches complementary skills to one another in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere where attendees can feel supported and heard. 

In two years, SLB has impacted more than 1,150 individuals directly & thousands indirectly – seeing an average of 30% increase in an individual’s confidence, support system and social and emotional skills to improve their overall wellbeing.

By educating and investing in others, SLB is able to create a ripple effect of positive and sustainable self-change that will impact an entire community.

So to all our donors, grantees, community members, advocates, supporters, volunteers, board members, attendees and more – THANK YOU for being part of the Self Love Beauty community. We appreciate you!