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Women of New York Share Their Self-Love Stories in Central Park

Self Love Beauty took on Central Park in March of 2017 to bring Beautiful Me to New York! Women of different ages, backgrounds and shapes/sizes came together to share with us what self-love means to them.

These women were fierce, beautiful and empowering to be around. I had a blast getting to know each of them and learning the life of New York!

These women shared some amazing things with us that I could not help but share with each of you!

See how they define self-love: 

“As long as I love myself I can do or be anything I want. No one can make me feel bad about myself. I love who I am becoming. You have to love yourself before anyone else.” -Natalie Wenzell, 16

“Self-love means accepting all your strengths and flaws and working to be your best self everyday. No one is perfect but we can always strive to see what makes us uniquely ourselves and work with what we have to make ourselves and others be the greatest person they can be.” – Jerina Carmon, 19

“To love yourself flaws and all” -Carine Calixte, 33

“Self-Love means taking care of your own needs and being more patient with yourself.” -Karen Werner, 61

“You have to love and respect yourself first so that you may share your best self with the people you love and everyone around you.” – Elaine Wenzell, 52

“Self-Love means finding the balance between what you want to do and what you need to do and aiming for the middle. Discipline is a part of self love, but so is listening to yourself when you need to rest and perform self care. Both parts are crucial to loving yourself, in my opinion.” – Meara Oberdieck, 23

“Self-Love is about accepting yourself entirely and not just bits and pieces. The things that individuals see as flaws build character. They are so unique and beautiful. It is about honoring the light that can be found inside of oneself.” – Bella Love, 18

“Self-Love is an mindful, ongoing journey towards inner acceptance and comfort. I think self-love is something we must always actively work on to improve our overall health and happiness. For me, self-love entails taking the necessary time to think about and validate my feelings. Sometimes I practice self-love by buying expensive artisanal coffee and other times self-love means canceling stressful plans and embracing my introversion. Self-love also means acknowledging the things I like about myself instead of harping on the things I don’t like. Self-love is definitely not always easy, but devoting time to improving your own happiness and well-being makes life much more enjoyable.” – Liv Jordan, 19

“Accepting yourself regardless of what others think. Doing what’s best for you.” – Rosie Pearl, 21

“Self-love means to not criticize yourself or your decisions. When you make a mistake, don’t start blaming yourself to the point where you bring your own self-motivation and self-confidence down. Instead face the mistake and learn from it. It also means to give yourself compliments. Once in a while look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, you are smart, you are everything that you want yourself to be. Always give yourself love and shower yourself with compliments. Never with any negativity what so ever.”  -Vivian So, 19

“Self-love is accepting yourself as an imperfect person. It means acknowledging self-doubt and convincing yourself that you are stronger than that intrusive negativity. It means looking at both your body and your mind with an open-heart.” -Sara Tabio, 19

“Self love means no longer hating myself. To me, self love comes before anything in my life. I’ve spent too many years hating every piece of me. I’m finally choosing to love myself.” -Amanda Hoehl, 21

“Self-love means looking at yourself in the mirror on your worst day and still smiling.” – Brooke Rodriguez, 28

So how do you define self-love? Email us at [email protected] and share your story!

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