Lead with Empowerment

Workshops for Youth & Teens

Lead’s interactive programs will inspire our youth and teens to unlock their true potential and build confidence that grows and lasts.

Helping Our Next Generation of Leaders

Now more than ever, we are seeing a decrease in youth and teens’ confidence, self-esteem, and overall wellbeing. According to research from the Legacy Center, in the past 5 years, individuals have decreased in their feelings of positive self-esteem, support, purpose and more. With this, we have also seen an increase in eating disorders, anxiety and depression. 

Lead is part of the solution to help teens and youth gain tools to help them overcome negative thoughts, learn to utilize their strengths, make supportive friendships and try new things like a sport, theater or other fun activities.

Positively influencing youth and teens to develop confidence and self-esteem.

Our evidence-based & preventative confidence and mental wellbeing workshops are designed to positively influence youth and teens. We use the Positive Psychology PERMA model and the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets model to provide actionable tools that teach the skills to help individuals grow.

This empowerment allows youth and teens to gain confidence and positive self-esteem to unlock their true potential.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is led by trained facilitators, each session includes three core curriculum:

Lead with Self-Esteem & Confidence

This workshop is designed to help youth and teens build confidence in who they are! Attendees will learn the tools to be more confident and unlock their true potential. They will learn how to:

Lead with Self-Care & Mindfulness

This workshop empowers youth and teens to be their best selves!  Attendees will walk away with the tools to be more present, practice gratitude, and become more confident in who they are. They will learn how to:

Lead with Passion & Purpose

This workshop will help youth and teens discover their values and get excited about what matters most to them! Attendees will learn how to find their life’s passion, set goals, and embrace a positive mindset for a successful future. They will learn how to:

Our Program Outcomes

 After completing just one workshop, participants reported growth in the following areas:

0 %

growth in self-confidence

0 %

skills to understand and manage their emotions

0 %

overall well-being

We have worked with Lead for many years and are always blown away. Their work with young ladies is what I wish I had at that age. From overcoming limiting beliefs to creating a growth mindset, Lead is just what every community needs!
Middle School Partner

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We are proud to partner with a wide range of elementary and middle schools, high schools, sports teams, and juvenile care centers. Schedule a time to chat with us to learn how we can partner together to empower youth!

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Our membership platform is dedicated to empowering adults, parents, and teens with accessible tools to combat negative self-belief, offering 24/7 access to practical resources to achieve life-changing impact for just $10 a month with opportunities for scholarships. Let’s work together to bring the power of Lead Within to your organization or school!

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