Lead with Empowerment

Workshops for Young Adults

Lead’s interactive programs will empower young adults and provide them with essential tools as they enter the new stage of adulthood.

99% of employers believe confidence is the most vital skill for individuals seeking employment.

In a time where high confidence is a desired skill, young adults entering the new stage of adulthood face challenges such as:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of confidence in their skills and abilities entering the workforce
  • Fear and uncertainty about their futures

In response to these challenges, Lead offers workshops designed specifically for young adults aiming to build their confidence and equip them with essential skills for navigating the workforce with self-assurance and resilience.

Equipping young adults with essential tools as they prepare for their futures.

Our evidence-based and preventative workshops are designed to support young adults as they enter every new stage of adulthood. Utilizing the PERMA Model, we offer practical strategies to enhance confidence, self-esteem, and resilience, while strengthening their problem-solving skills. 

This empowerment fosters confidence.

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Our Curriculum

Led by trained facilitators, each session includes three core curriculum:

Lead with Self-esteem & Confidence

This workshop will help young adults enter the new stage of adulthood with confidence!  By taking this workshop, attendees will walk away with the tools to be less self-critical, confidently make decisions for their future, and become empowered in who they are and their ability to pursue their goals. They will learn how to:

Lead with Self-Care & Mindfulness

This workshop will equip young adults with the tools to become more present and attentive! Attendees will learn how to manage their well-being while navigating challenging situations so they can be affirmed in who they are. They will learn how to:

This workshop will help young adults find their life’s purpose and feel excited about the things that matter most to them! Attendees will learn how to identify their passion, set sustainable goals, and positively look forward to the future. They will learn how to:

Our Program Outcomes

After completing just one workshop, participants reported growth in the following areas:

0 %

The tools to overcome self-doubt and believe in their strengths.

0 %

skills to overcome limiting beliefs

0 %

overall well-being

"Our University has been working with Lead for almost two years. We started the program with our sophomore nursing students at their orientation. In this group of young women, we have seen an increase in confidence to share their thoughts and opinions, not only with their peers but with faculty and administration. These insights have helped our University to better understand the needs of our students and take action to resolve gaps. Our students have shared with us that after the sessions with Lead, they feel more cohesive as a cohort, they care for each other and realize they are not alone in their journey.
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