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Finding Where You Belong Through Confidence

So many of us are looking to have more confidence in ourselves and a sense of belonging, but we do not always realize how they fit together. We are joined with Andrea Fleischfresser, Executive and Leadership Coach and Founder of Destination You Coaching & Development, for a great conversation on how both confidence and belonging play into our lives. Continue to read for the key takeaways from our conversation with Andrea!

Finding Belonging Through Authenticity

Andrea starts our conversation off by sharing her story of moving from Brazil to Italy with her husband. During this time, she worked in Human Resources before eventually moving to the U.S. where she discovered her passion for coaching. Andrea talks about some of the challenges she faced when navigating a new workplace in a new country. “The more I was trying to fit in, I was losing my own essence and not feeling confident, not feeling yourself was kind of like becoming bigger and bigger on me. I was trying so hard with all these years to feel included in the workplace.” She emphasizes that true belonging goes beyond external validation, and is really all about discovering your authentic self.

Confidence Through Workplace Leadership

Lisa and Andrea discuss the importance of leaders fostering an inclusive environment in the workplace and showing genuine interest in their team members’ well-being. Andrea says, “It’s about curiosity, getting curious about the person, seeing the person who is in front of you. Most of the times we take things for granted, thinking that everyone should think in this way and we don’t see that behind that title that there is a person, that maybe that person is also struggling in some other way.” 

Reminder: We're On a Journey of Continuous Growth

Reminder: the key to belonging and confidence lies within oneself and understanding that we’re all on a journey of continuous growth.  Andrea ends the conversation on a high note, “We are not the same person as we were yesterday. We are as human beings our body, our mind. We are a work in progress as we are changing.So it’s okay to try, it’s okay to fail, because in this way you’ll be learning and becoming a better yourself.”

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