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More Than a Game: 8 Lessons We Can Learn From Sports

Sports can teach us a lot more than we realize. In this week’s episode of the Confident Podcast, we dive into the many life lessons in the world of sports! From individuals  like Caitlin Clark to teams like the Detroit Lions, athletes can inspire confidence, resilience, time management skills, and provide a positive influence on the next generation. Read on for our top 8 things we think that we can all learn from watching sports!  

8 Lessons We Can Learn From Sports

Whether you are a dedicated sports fan, causal viewer, or can’t name a thing at all about sports, there is something for everyone to learn. Sports can teach us a lot, and we’ve narrowed it down to the top 8 things we think everyone can learn:

  1. How to have confidence – When an athlete first starts out, they’re probably not the most confident. Instead of staying in that space, they work and train for hours and hours, never giving up on their skills and abilities.
  2. Teamwork & collaboration – Sports shows us what positive teamwork looks like and how we work together to reach a common goal.  Also shows us effective communication and how we can incorporate it into our own lives. 
  3. How to be resilient –  This is all about pushing through and getting over setbacks or bumps in the road.  When an athlete has an injury or a game that didn’t go their way, they probably don’t want to do it again. But we still see them out on the field. This teaches us how to have resilience and overcome setbacks to come back stronger than ever.
  4. Discipline & Dedication – We’ve heard many stories over the years of athletes recounting how they had to be incredibly disciplined to achieve their goals. They’re not just handed things, they work hard sometimes for years to be in a position of success. That takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and dedication.
  5. Leadership & responsibility – Athletes teach us how to be role models and mentors.  We can look at them and reflect, How am I going to work with my coworkers or my team? How can I be a better leader to the community that serves me?
  6. Respect –  One a team, there are going to be moments where there are setbacks or disagreements. In those moments, what’s most important is how we react. Own maybe where you went wrong and have respect for other people that we may not always agree with. Ask yourself, how can I respect all of the different people in my life?
  7. Time management – Athletes have long seasons where they have to train for things. Even so,  their personal lives do not stop. They still have friends, family, school, and other things that they also have to make time for. Look at your favorite athlete and ask yourself,  how is this person doing this and how can I be more effective with my time?
  8. How to take care of your mental & physical wellbeing –  Sports are not only physical but mental as well. There’s much pressure that athletes face as they are on the big screen. Being in a good place mentally is very important when having that pressure.  How can we do that too? How can we watch these athletes and learn from them?
Sports can not only teach us more about ourselves, but how we can treat others in our community.

Parents out there, employees, or anyone! We all have different hats that we wear and so think about how sports right now are teaching us different things. Think about how you can teach those same things to your kids, team, coworkers, and even your friends. Together, let’s spread the powerful lessons we can learn from sports and empower others!

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