Lead with Empowerment


Lead’s interactive workshops inspire confidence that grows, lasts, and ultimately helps individuals reach their full potential.

Fostering confidence and resilience across all ages.

Lead’s workshops focus on enhancing self-esteem, confidence, personal power, sense of purpose, and optimistic outlook on the future across different age groups. 

Drawing from evidence-based models such as the Positive Psychology PERMA model and the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets model, our practical strategies equip individuals with tools they can implement immediately into their lives. 

Our Workshops Curriculum

Our workshops total 12 hours of curriculum but are always adapted to meet the needs of our partners. Each workshop is led by a trained facilitator with more than 20 hours of training to make sure the programs are of the highest quality and encompass three core curriculum:

Lead with Self-esteem & Confidence

Attendees learn how to:

Lead with Self-care & Mindfulness

Attendees learn how to:

Lead with Passion & Purpose

Attendees learn how to:


After attending just one of our programs, attendees reported learning new skills in the following areas: 

0 %

felt a boost in positive self-esteem

0 %

experienced an increase in self-confidence

0 %

adopted self-care practices

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Online Membership Platform

Coming May 2024

Join our online membership platform where people of all ages can gain practical resources and tools including short video clips, journal prompts, and fillable worksheets. By practicing self-care and building self-esteem, our participants learn to find and follow their purpose, while actively avoiding burnout. When people use Lead’s evidence-based strategies and actionable tools to pursue personal development, their communities will experience a positive ripple effect—with generational impact.

Thank you to our partners!